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Event Planning FAQS

The Answers You Need

Do you supply the movie?

No, we don't supply the movie. You get to choose your all time favourites, a newly released blockbuster, or one that works with your party theme! You can hook up Netflix or live streaming and your gaming consoles as well for championship battles!

How do I watch a movie?

A blu ray DVD player is supplied so if you've got the movie on dvd or blu ray disc - that's super easy.
The projector has USB portals so you can plug a USB in directly, this is great to watch a wedding video or holiday snaps.
The other is connecting via HDMI. The cable is provided so simply plug it into your laptop, hard drive or gaming console and away you go.

Do I need a license?

If you are watching movies in your backyard - you do not require movie licensing. Although if you plan on having a public event you will need to organise movie licensing for the film you wish to watch. This is not something that Hunter Valley Big Screens provides.

Are movies the only thing I can watch?

No! There are other things you can project onto the screen:

  • Stream from Foxtel, Netflix, Google Chromecast, live TV.

  • Watch State of Origin or sports Grand Finals on the big screen.

  • Pay per Views, Fight Night, UFC, Wrestlemania!

  • Formula 1, V8 Supercars, Olympic Ceremonies, other special events.

  • Home video from your laptop - re-live your family holidays, weddings, or other special memories.

  • Gaming consoles can be connected so you can run tournaments on a huge screen! Did someone say Mario Kart?

Does it need to be dark to use the outdoor screen hire package?

Simple answer: Yes. You will need to use the equipment at night-time as it uses projection. We recommend starting your film just after sunset. Check out local sunset times here:

 Sunrise and Sunset Calculator (

If night-time doesn’t work for you, there is always the option of having it inside, you just need to ensure you can make it as dark as possible for the best visibility of the projection.

Do you charge delivery?

Delivery within 30km is free of charge.  Costs range from $60 and is dependent on location.  This will be calculated when you book. Please feel free to email us for a quote.

What if I am not satisfied with Hunter Valley Big Screens?

We pride ourselves on great customer service and delivering an exceptional experience, if you feel like we haven’t met these standards please reach out to discuss

How much space do I really need?

Ideally you'll have a space of around 4m x 6m. The screen itself is about 2.5m x 2.5m. The projector then sits about 3m in front of the screen. Then you need room for your guests! If you're concerned about the space, either measure it, or send us a pic of your space and we can discuss.

Screen Size
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